Bird Watching
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The Splendid Blue WrenThe Wungong Dam & Bungendore National Park are renowned for their spectacular bird life...

Shelley and I have only recently discovered the world of bird watching as a result of some lovely American guests showing us the range of bird life right in front of us in the garden! They came running in one morning excitedly saying how they'd just seen a Buff Banded Rail amongst the bushes next to the lake. They said they were quite rare and so we went out for a look. I told them that I'd almost run it down with the lawnmower the week before!

Just before leaving us they came up to the house saying how they'd been looking for a Western Corella for three weeks during their trip. They'd not seen one until a flock of five had landed in a dead tree just in front of the Railway Carriage they were staying in! They were over the moon although it didn't really mean much to us at the time.

They were lovely people and very kindly left their copy of Slater's Field Guide to Australian Birds in their room along with a note to say how much they'd enjoyed their stay.

They were so enthusiastic that Shelley and I decided we'd give it a go and so we took a walk south from the base of the Wungong Dam following the valley. A permanent brook flows close to the track and the scenery is spectacular with steep granite outcrops and cliffs intermingled with forest, tree ferns and a whole host of native plants. It's much more rugged than many of the forested areas we've seen locally.

The number of birds and range of different species we saw amazed us. We had our field guide and an old pair of binoculars and wrote down those we saw. There was plenty of other wildlife about too and we saw an echidna, lizards and plenty of roos!

Since then we've had some beautiful walks in the mornings and always seem to notice more now than we used to before we were looking out for birds.

Research on the net revealed how lucky we are living in this area. It is famous for its bird life and our close proximity to the park and dam means that we can see many of the species right in our garden.

We're only novices but we've had a great time learning and talking to other twitchers that have stayed with us. If you're interested in birdwatching we'd love to hear about your experiences too!